Handling work virtually right from the hall is not just the best job for introverts, but all. Who doesn’t want to work at the comfort of their homes? Who doesn’t want to duck out of the long run meeting sessions? Pretty much everyone. But prominently, the Introverts. Did you know that more than nearly 50% of the world population are introverts? There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just as normal as it is being an extrovert. Well, even better. From Mark Zuckerberg to Warren Buffet, who call themselves introverts is evident proof that they have some special strengths that surely make a powerful leader. Well, handling sales calls or meeting people may not be something introverts love to do. But there are a lot of great jobs that can be a perfect fit for them. Before we get into that, let’s dive into some exciting details about the traits introverts and their demand at work.

Why Introverts are in high demand?

Gone are the days when introverts were considered unfit in the corporate culture. The norms are changing for good. Introverts are found to be passionate, self-motivated, focussed and dedicated employees. These traits pretty much make an ideal employee that any company would look for. As an introvert, you may be reserved or quiet. But that’s fine unless you are a better communicator. Introverts are innately great at analytical tasks, as they are great listeners, self-centred and great learners.

Introvert Personality that makes them better employees

“I am an introvert” Be ready to accept it, then trust us, you will rock wherever you go. Introversion only means doing what you are best at without seeking any external stimulation, which extroverts crave for. What makes introverts fantastic at the workplace? Here are some reasons:
  • Meaningful networkers: Introverts may not seek attention or go about talking to people. But are amazing at one-to-one conversations. Introverts lookout to create some deep and strong relations with others. 
  • Great helpers: Yes! Letting others shine or move forward past you is considered as a help in this era. Introverts are empathetic and compassionate beings.
  • Sharp analytical skills: Their uncanny power to listen and pay close attention makes them be at their own creative space. They don’t seek attention which is bound to be a plus point as their mind focuses on becoming a better version of themselves.
With this, it’s a known fact that introverts are great at the workplace. Now, it’s on you that as an introvert do you want to work in corporate culture or become your own boss without leaving your home and staying in your pyjamas?!

Virtual assistant- The best job for Introverts

The internet will give you a bunch of lists that will be the best job for introverts. But the one that wins is Virtual assistant career. It’s a boon to the introverted population. You will get to work with businesses who need some sort of help in moving forward. You as a virtual assistant would be helping with that. It’s a great job that requires you to have the relevant work knowledge, a laptop and a good speed internet connection. That’s it! Virtual assistant job doesn’t require you to attend meetings or social gatherings. You get hired on your skills which majorly are based on your technical knowledge. If you are a website developer, become a virtual web developer. Good at editing videos and images and becoming a virtual graphic designer. Social media virtual assistants, a job that gets you paid for managing other social media profiles. From writers to medical transcriptionists, legal to real estate, virtual assistant jobs are not only restricted to mere administrative jobs. Being a virtual assistant allows you to chase your dream, live your life to the fullest yet be in your comfort zone.

Tips for introverts to get started as a virtual assistant

When you are just about to begin your career as an introverted virtual assistant, you may face some initial hurdles in finding your first client. But this phase is not permanent. Also, be it introvert or extrovert, it takes time to get the real hang of it. Here’s what you can do as a beginner in the virtual assistant world:
    1. Have your own marketing strategy: Since marketing or roaming around speaking about your business may not be your thing. Don’t worry. You do smart marketing here by thinking of your work as a service to some business owner in need. Go for smaller networking events. Start with a small group and create everlasting impressions.
    2. Just be yourself: That’s what every client wants. No pretending. No veils. Just accepting and being who you are. That’s how you work around your way in doing what you do in the best manner.
    3. Choose fewer clients( retainer ones): Have a few clients who pay you for long hours. Choose a retainer model which would help you be with the same client and build a comfort zone without the need of looking for more clients.
    4. Prefer clients who are okay with asynchronous communication: Look for clients who are comfortable communicating over emails and chat asynchronously. They say asynchronous communication increases the productivity to multi-folds.
    5. Build deep relations with your clients:That’s what introverts are known best for. Creating genuine relationships. If you succeed in building a powerful connection with your clients, then not only can you work with them for a longer time but also have referral clients as well.
Now you know, how a virtual assistant becomes the best job for introverts. Get a complete list of sites that will help you find your gig here. Now, go on and start your beautiful VA journey!