The world is going virtual is all manners. The future of work will be more remote and even more digital. Virtual assistants are making a huge splash in the world of businesses and startups for a long time. In 2017, there were more than 1 billion virtual assistants worldwide and since then the numbers have shot up even high.
Here, we have curated below some benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. This guide is extremely useful for business owners or entrepreneurs who are looking for reasons to hire virtual assistants. So, let’s get started:

Virtual assistants- A boon to small and independent business owners

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who work remotely to support business with their recurrent tasks. Well, these days virtual assistants carry out various technical and professional tasks. Virtual assistants are skilled in lots of tasks that can be conducted remotely with the same efficiency but are far more affordable than full-time employees.

What can virtual assistant do for your business?

From business owners to entrepreneurs who are looking to get the most of their invested money, look to hire virtual assistants. If you ask what VAs can give you? Your precious time. This is just one of the very few things, but as a whole there are a myriad of tasks that virtual assistants can do for you. Some virtual assistants are specialists who are focussed on their areas of specialization. While there are others who generalise in a lot of tasks.
Find our comprehensive list of virtual assistant tasks here.

Why should you hire a virtual assistant?

You will need a virtual assistant, if:

  • You spend a lot of time on not-so-important and repetitive tasks.
  • You don’t have certain skills required for your business.
  • You want to streamline your business.
  • You don’t want to spend money on infrastructure but need to get work done.
  • You want to live your life while getting your business streamlined to the best.

Most business owners think of virtual assistants as freelancers. But they are different from freelancers in some aspects. Unlike freelancers, VAs are hired for a period of time for a particular project. You can also hire VAs for a long-term association as well.

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

  • Streamline and organize your business

Running a business involved a myriad of tasks. Some are time-taking while others require deliberate thinking. Once you hire a VA for your business, you can see an ease in implementation of strategies. Virtual assistants will use their skills to take up all those repetitive tasks and organise your business to a professional level.

  • Find the much required me-time

Business owners always complain that they do not have time for anything other than their work. By hiring virtual assistants, they can easily find time, get creative and do things that are actually important. With virtual assistants’ support you focus on those business-growing tasks that otherwise were done with lots of distractions and little efficiency.

  • Get more work done cost-effectively

Let’s face the fact. Having full-time employees demands a dedicated office space with desk, chair and computer. You’ll be liable to bear their electricity bill, internet connection, and other software and tools charges. With virtual assistants, these all expenses will be taken care of by themselves. Virtual assistants will take care of their own workspace and other facilities, which means you only pay for the work done, nothing else.

  • No hassle of paying benefits or taxes

With a full-time employee, you not only pay his/her salary, but also taxes, leave credits, medical/dental benefits, worker’s compensations, etc. Virtual assistants save you from these extra expenses, so you have no risk in scaling your business with their support.

  • Get your focus on major business operations

With virtual assistants, no more spending endless hours in mundane tasks. Free yourself from all those and  focus on the other tasks that are crucial for your business. Your VA will take this load of time-taking tasks and complete them with the given timeframe, because that’s what they are good at.

  • Get the timezone benefit

Virtual assistants come from different locations of the world. So this enables you to utilize the benefit of working round the clock. You can simply maximise your business productivity by providing 24*7 support your customers through virtual assistants from across the world. As a business owner you may always feel 9 hours of work time is insufficient. Having a virtual assistant who works from another timezone, will benefit you in widening your business time and availability.

  • Get access to a variety of skills

Be it beginners or established business owners, it’s for sure not possible to be best at everything. That’s the reason they outsource a lot of tasks. With a virtual assistant, you have the flexibility to hire the best talent from around the world. Thus freeing you up from the worries of having to spend time in finding the right talent and have them locate to your office location. Virtual assistant rightly and efficiently gives you the access to right skills that match your needs.

We hope these benefits will clear your mind and help you in starting your virtual assistant hiring process soon. Are you someone new to the virtual assistant paradigm, then here’s a comprehensive guide on “What is a virtual assistant?”