From 1 hour to 1 minute- How being a virtual assistant can nullify your long work commutes?

Guild of Virtual Assistants presents a true experience of one of the VA members. She explains how her life changed when she decided to quit her job that required long commutes to start a virtual assistant business.

Commutes to work can be fun, but to some, it’s an inevitable nightmare. Getting stuck in traffic to waking up early in the morning, the negative effects of long work commutes are proven scientifically and are much talked about these days.

Studies on this have found that long commutes can cause reduced job satisfaction and increased stress and anxiety. Some researchers also suggest that those who commute for long hours are prone to be obese and sleep-deprived.

It’s far more draining to realize that one may have to go on with this routine every day until retirement. If you are one among them, whose life has become miserable through work commutes, then this article will help you find a new direction. But before that ask yourself, is your job worth a longer commute?

That’s what I did before leaving my job back then. The financial security and the fear of ‘will I find another job at this age’ had me stay out in that job which professionally I was good at turned out to be the biggest mistake due to the long commutes. It was only when my health started deteriorating, I realized that this has to stop. So I started checking the internet when I found the saviour of my life: Virtual assistant.

It took a lot of courage for me to leave my job and start my own virtual assistant business. But I couldn’t be less happy with this life-changing decision. I am earning even better than what I used to get in my exhausting full-time job. I enjoy my time with my family and also do the best for my health. Virtual assistant jobs had given me the flexibility to decide my pay, working hours and type of work. It’s like I am the boss.

The best part about being a virtual assistant that I enjoy the most is I am learning better and finding time to invest in becoming the best version of myself. In my previous job, I only had to travel back and forth to work and be droopy and slow all day. Now, I am energetic, my skills have grown enough that I work in various niches. This helps me grab more clients and enhance my portfolio.

Other Benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant business is a great one to anyone who wants to work at the comfort of their home. They can use their present skills and earn equivalent to their full-time job. Virtual assistants are in demand and this is here to stay for a long time. Virtual assistant business requires only a little investment to start. Computer, internet, phone, website and license are some of the only essentials required to start a virtual business.

So, I took the right move at the right time which helped me become a satisfied and high-spirited person. I believe that balance in life is important. Being a virtual assistant has helped me reach the balance that I was yearning for a long time. I am glad that I took the huge yet scary leap in life that proved out to be the best decision of my life.