Who doesn’t want to be their own bosses?
Imagine yourself being able to work at the comfort of your own space, doing what you love without being bossed or monitored? We think you got the picture. This is the life of a virtual assistant. Here are some benefits of being a virtual assistant that will help you understand whether this profile is right for you or not.

Top 10 Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

  1. Work from home You can choose to work at home, café or park. All your choice. You can be with your family, look after your kids and work from home. Being a virtual assistant is also a great opportunity for the introverts who would want to have their own but without much social interaction. Read Why Virtual Assistant is the best job for stay at home moms with no experience
  2. Flexibility One of the most important benefits of being a virtual assistant is flexibility in all manners. Be it the place you work, the type of work or even the pay for work. You can decide everything. That is what a VA life is all about. #BYOB.
  3. Do the work you enjoy When it comes to choosing the type of work, you can weigh options and then decide. Your VA business allows you to work around your comfort level both personal and professional. If you don’t seem to enjoy work, go ahead and start pitching for another one and move on. It’s that easy.
  4. Decide your pay Yes. Exactly. You get the control to decide what you are worth. This expertise in deciding your rates will come to you with experience. Initially, you may go with lower rates to catch new clients but with time when you get the hang of it. Also, most of the VAs decide the rates based on the work effort and their expertise. There are VAs who charge from $20 per hour for one client whereas $100 per hour for another. This freedom of determining your pay is not something you get when you are working for someone.
  5. Choose your benefits Want to go for a vacation? Don’t want to pay up a hefty health insurance term payment? Virtual assistant job is what you need. Become a virtual assistant and see how you get to pick the benefits you actually need.
  6. Better work-life balance The ultimate need for any working person out there. We know there is nothing like a perfect work-life balance. But by being a virtual assistant, you will have an effective time for your family and friends. Most of the corporate employees’ life is wasted in long hours of commuting. One of the major benefits of being a virtual assistant is that you no longer have to commute to work. You save time to do other important things in life. Read From 3 hours to 3 minutes- How can you reduce your work commutes?
  7. Low budget startup Starting a successful business of your own can be expensive. This can hold you from starting one. Virtual assistant business is one such affordable startup that you can start with a limited budget. Computer, internet, phone, website and license are some of the only essentials required to start a virtual business.
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  8. Ever-growing industry This is an industry that has benefited a majority of small scale business owners. It has been growing since then and will continue to do so. Most business owners instead of conducting a hiring process to hire in-house employees choose to hire virtual assistants who fulfil their requirement efficiently and affordably.
  9. Great platform to new thingsWhen you become a virtual assistant, you will be accountable for your own work. It will demand you to learn new and trendy things so that your work meets the current market requirements. Also to get better clients you will ensure that your knowledge stays updated.
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  10. Introvert-friendly work cultureNo more unnecessary socializing. No more never-ending meetings to attend. Virtual assistant jobs give introverts all the time and space to recharge themselves in solitude. That’s why being a virtual assistant is the best job for introverts.
To summarize these benefits, here are the 3 F’s of being a virtual assistant: Freedom, Flexibility, and Fun!
  • Freedom in work
  • Flexibility w.r.t work-space, type & pay
  • Fun time with family, friends and yourself!
Now that you understood the benefits of being a virtual assistant, we hope you’ll prep yourself towards this ravishing world of VAs.